A tradition of unparalleled
mechanical reliability &
tonal integrity.
Each instrument receives the exclusive attention of our entire team of organ builders.
Our organs produce a lively, spontaneous sound, a rich gravity of tone that fills the room with a vibrant, singing quality.
We focus on the needs of worshiping congregations through the construction of highly-refined instruments.
Tonal Philosophy
Goulding & Wood instruments are characterized by balance and sophistication in the tonal design and voicing. We strive to cultivate a maximum amount of variety while maintaining a tight, cohesive ensemble. Believing that congregational singing is the foundational concern of the organ, we build instruments with generous fundamental development to clearly delineate pitch.
Mechanical Philosophy
Pipe organs incorporate extensive mechanical resources, and it is essential that they be as musically conceived and carefully built as the pipework that they support. Complementing our primary focus of supporting worshiping congregations, our mechanical resources provide reliable, sustainable support that encourages the style of voicing we employ.
Cases & Consoles

Cases are much more than decorative add-ons; rather, the encasing of the organ focuses the sound while the round bodies of the display pipes blend the sound of individual pipes into a unified sonorous voice.

Consoles serve both functional and decorative roles, and their design must fulfill both needs comprehensively. From a practical perspective, our consoles provide organists with complete access to the instrument?s resources in a convenient, intuitive and ergonomic fashion.

Slider Chest Action
In 1960 John Goulding built the first version of this electro-pneumatic windchest system while with the Holloway Corporation. It was used in a small, one-manual chapel organ and this original chest is still in operation today. Over the years Goulding and Wood Inc. has made a series of modifications and improvements to the original design, but the basic principles remain intact.
Opus 54
Cathedral of the Incarnation | Nashville, Tennessee

2023 - III/40

Opus 53
Saint James Episcopal Church | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

2021 - III/42

Opus 52
Saint John's Episcopal Cathedral | Knoxville, Tennessee

2020 - III/70

Opus 51
Trinity Episcopal Church | Mobile, Alabama

2015 - II/33

Opus 50
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church | Lexington, Kentucky

2013 - IV/58

Basilica of St. Adalbert
654 Davis Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

2022 - III/72
Wicks Pipe Organ Co. (Opus 5785, 1980)

Irvington Presbyterian Church
55 Johnson Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46219

2018 - II/29
M. P. Moller (Opus 5300, 1928)

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church
Fifth Avenue / 55th Street
New York City: Manhattan, NY 10019 US

2017 - IV/118
Austin Organs, Inc. (Opus 2347, 1961)

Annunciation Catholic Church
19 N Alabama St.
Brazil, IN 47834

2017 - II/15
Lyon and Healy (1899)

St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church
2525 E 11th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46201

2013 - II/10
Wangerin Organ Co. (Opus 579, 1929)

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