Tuning & Maintenance

A pipe organ is a delicate musical instrument, and some are more temperamental than others; however, all require regular maintenance and service. The tuning of a pipe organ is very much affected by seasonal changes in temperature. As a rule of thumb, a pipe organ is serviced twice a year as weather changes from hot to cold, and cold to hot. We recommend that our client schedules bi-annual service call to have their instrument sounding its best for Christmas and Easter.

At a Seasonal Service Visit, we will do the following:

– Check/adjust temperament

– Listen to all pipes and adjust tuning for the best overall effect.

– Tune all Reed stops.

– Check capped /stoppered Flute basses.

– Fix minor problems.

– Check and take note of any developing problems that may need either short or long-term solutions.

– Check the pipe organ blower and lubricate it as needed.

A pipe organ, like any mechanical item, will require regular maintenance and service to keep it in good working order. Periodic maintenance and tuning are crucial part of protecting your investment. Our teams are well-versed in the maintenance of various types of pipe organs.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form or contact us via your preferred method.