Opus 47

Madonna Della Strada Chapel | Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois

Loyola University
Campus address: 1032 W Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60660 USA
3 manuals - 70 ranks - 4 divisions

My congratulations to every one of you for the superb work you did at Loyola --this organ is a real masterpiece
James David Christie
Chair and Professor of Organ Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, OH
Distinguished Artist in Residence, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
Organist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston, MA
Grand Orgue

16′ Montre
16′ Bourdon
8′ Montre
8′ Gambe
8′ Flûte harmonique
8′ Bourdon (ext. 16′)
4′ Prestant

4′ Flûte conique
2 ⅔’ Quinte
2′ Doublette
1 ⅗’ Tierce
2′ Fourniture V
8′ Cornet V (F18-G56)
16′ Basson

8′ Trompette
8′ Trompette en chamade
G.O. to G.O. 16-Unison Off-4
Récit to G.O. 16-8-4
Positif to G.O. 16-8-4


16′ Cor de nuit
8′ Diapason
8′ Cor de nuit (ext. 16′)
8′ Viole de Gambe
8′ Voix céleste
4′ Prestant
4′ Flûte traversiére

2′ Doublette
2′ Octavin
2 ⅔’ Sesquialtera II (TC)
2′ Plein Jeu III-IV
16′ Bombarde
8′ Trompette
8′ Hautbois

8′ Voix humaine
4′ Clairon
Récit to Récit 16-Unison Off-4
Positif to Récit 8


16′ Quintaton
8′ Flûte à cheminée
8′ Dulciane
8′ Unda maris
4′ Prestant
4′ Flûte à fuseau

2 ⅔’ Nazard
2′ Doublette
2′ Flûte à bec
1 ⅗’ Tierce
1 ⅓’ Larigot
1′ Cymbale III

8′ Cromorne
8′ Trompette en chamade (G.O.)
Positif to Positif 16-Unison Off-4
G.O. to Positif 8
Récit to Positif 16-8-4


32′ Soubasse (ext. of 16′)
16′ Contrebasse
16′ Soubasse
16′ Montre (G.O.)
16′ Bourdon (G.O.)
16′ Cor de nuit (Réc.)
8′ Octave
8′ Flûte (ext. 16′ Contrebasse)
8′ Flûte bouchée

8′ Bourdon (G.O.)
8′ Cor de nuit (Réc.)
4′ Octave
4′ Flûte
2 ⅔’ Fourniture IV
32′ Bombarde (ext.)
16′ Bombarde
16′ Basson (G.O.)
8′ Trompette

8′ Basson (G.O.)
8′ Trompette en chamade (G.O.)
4′ Clairon
Effet d’orage
G.O. to Pédale 8
Récit to Pédale 8-4
Positif to Pédale 8-4

A year has passed since the installation of Opus 47 in Madonna della Strada Chapel and I would like to share with you how our university has been dramatically changed with the new organ. The instrument is a source of pride and delight among students, faculty, staff and community members. Every visitor to the chapel makes a conscientious effort to point out the instrument and comment on its glorious sound. Francis Cardinal George, our Archdiocesan Bishop, even commented on a recent visit to the chapel that he looked forward to singing with the organ’s glorious sound. Clearly, the instrument has made its mark in the city as people fill our chapel for monthly musical programs.

As I reflect on the year’s past successes and look forward to future ones with our new pipe organ, I cannot help but think of the wonderful road that lead us to this point. Your attentiveness and passion for organ building is clearly witnessed by every person in your shop. This is realized whenever one steps in to the instrument and sees the care and craftsmanship of the inner components-the meticulously organized wiring, the perfectly finished pipe chests, and the detailed finishes on the case and console. But most of all, the voicing of the instrument to fit our chapel is absolute perfection. Time and time again, visitors and organists from all over the city and country comment on the perfection of the voicing and how our instrument is perfectly fit to our room. Brandon Woods is a treasure and I am grateful for his contribution to the success of this instrument.

To say that Loyola University is grateful would be an understatement. We are elated at the success of this instrument! For this we owe the whole Goulding and Wood shop our gratitude.

Steven Betancourt
Director of Liturgical Music
Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois