Opus 50 Installation photos

On April 15th the first semi trailer arrived at Good Shepherd, filled with the Antiphonal division.
Lex procession
The opening procession, with Jason Overall carrying a symbolic pipe for blessing (Low C of the Stopped Diapason)

Lex blessing
Low C is dedicated for the service of the church.

Lex ant unloaded
The Antiphonal unloaded

Lex walls

Lex ant no pipes

Lex ant pipe shades
The Antiphonal pipe shades up close

Antiphonal C Side
Finished Antiphonal cases

The two Great cases sit on cantilever beams that poke through the stone wall into the chancel

unloading chest
Rolling a main slider chest off the truck (and onto Richmond Ave)

Console arrives
The console is set out of the way for the moment, with the back taken off

pipe installation
Great A is build around a stained glass window

Great principals
Great A with its window

passing Choir pipes
Lots of pipes to pass! These are going into the choir

passing Swell pipes
Jerin and Rob wait for the Swell mixtures to be sent up

passing Great pipes
A series of ladders and scaffolding to reach into the Great B case

pipe trays
Lots of pipes…

Jason tuning
Jason mans one side of the Antiphonal during tuning

Opus 50 Construction photos
Reed boots

Schwimmers under construction

Antiphonal casework

Bob carving casework for the Antiphonal

A chest with its layout stick, a tool for transferring measurements across components of the chest

A slider chest upside down, with pins and guide rail for the springs installed

One side of the Antiphonal casework

Antiphonal column being born

chest with pallets and pneumatics
Pallet valves and pneumatics installed

Bach and the console
Bach approves the console design

tilting tab wiring
5 wires have to run to each tilting tablet

tilting tab harness
The finished tilting tablet wiring harness

Organs have lots and lots of holes...

Antiphonal case 81712
The lower halves of the Antiphonal cases set up in the shop

The Choir box is the first to find a home in the erecting room

The console construction is finished! Time to stain and wire…

Rob has been working on the Festival Trumpet racking. These will eventually be horizontal.

Ant case 011813
The Antiphonal towers (and Festival Trumpet) command one wall of the erecting room.

Console 011813
The console stained and ready for wiring!

Lex Console Feb 1 13
Drawknobs: installed!