Opus 51 Construction photos

Mobile Slider chest tables

The slider chests are the first things we build. Here the table tops have already been drilled with pipe holes and channels routed to bleed excess air away from other pipes

Mobile Violone
The 16’ Violone, retained from the previous organ, lies recumbent on the erecting room floor for now.

Mobile Gt 8 Principal
Voicer Brandon Woods begins each organ with the Great 8’ Principal, seen here on the voicing machine.

Pallet slots
The Swell slider chests upside down, showing the pallet slots

Slider chest tables
A trip to the finish room to seal the chests

Slider chest insides
Looking down into an upside-down slider chest before the pallets are installed

Rob and primary boards
Rob drilling pockets for the primary pouches

Primary pouches
Primary pouches, one for each note of the chest

Rob and the router
Rob the router

Jerin and mixture boards
Jerin drilling toe holes for a mixture toeboard

Chris making a primary board
Chris building an off-note chest primary board

Jerin marking channels
Laying out channel lines on an off-note chest

Off note chests
Off-note chests stacked up, waiting for pouch rails and primary boards

Kurt on the console
Kurt designing the console

White oak
A new shipment of rough-cut lumber. All of the wood in an oran (wind chests, structure, console, swell shades, wood pipes) starts in this form, and we mill it ourselves to exactly what we need. This is quarter-sawn white oak for the console and casework.

Console base
Bob starting on the console framework

Console columns
Columns which will eventually support the console key desk

Bob carving the console
Bob carving console details

Console carvings
Stacks of console carvings

Drawknob wiring harnesses
Each drawknob needs 5 wires; David has been busy making wiring harnesses with connectors for each drawknob unit, arranged in columns

Revoicing wood pipe
Brandon adding nicks to the Bourdon, retained from the previous organ

Brandon and the Great mixture
Brandon and the Great Fourniture in the voicing room

Mixture voicing
Adjusting the windway/flue of a mixture pipe

Steve building Swell box
Steve building a door to the Swell box

Console shell
The console starts to take shape in the erecting room

Pedalboard wiring before
Pedalboard wiring before...

Pedalboard wiring after
...and after.