Company History

Goulding & Wood, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading organbuilders, focusing on the needs of worshiping congregations through the installation of highly refined musical instruments. The company was incorporated in 1980 as a collaboration between John Goulding and Thomas Wood. At the time of incorporation, Mr. Goulding had more than twenty-five years of experience as an organbuilder, including tenures with the firms of Gratian Organ Company and Holtkamp Organ Company as well as several years as a partner in the firm of E. H. Holloway Corporation. Mr. Goulding developed many of the mechanical components in use at the shop, including our exclusive design of electro-pneumatic slider and pallet windchests, schwimmer wind-regulators, and tremulant action. Mr. Wood brought a background including electrical engineering training and organ study.

Prior to joining forces with John Goulding, Mr. Wood headed the electronic music laboratory of Indiana University, served as pipe organ curator for the university, and led several restoration projects under his own name.

Shortly after the formation of Goulding & Wood, the firm obtained national recognition for its quality of work and dedication to the craft. Notable among the early projects was a new organ for the 1982 National Convention of the Episcopal Church in New Orleans.

By the firm’s tenth anniversary, Goulding & Wood had completed seventeen new organs throughout Indiana as well as in Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland, and North Carolina. In addition to new instruments, the company also completed several renovation projects throughout the country. In 1990 the firm was nominated for membership in the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America (APOBA).
Since this time, Goulding & Wood has continued to confirm its reputation as one of America’s premier organ builders while also expanding its geographic presence throughout the United States. In addition to APOBA, Goulding & Wood is a member of the International Society of Organbuilders. Several members of our team have held leadership positions in APOBA, the American Institute for Organbuilders, and the American Guild of Organists.

In June of 2003, John Goulding and Thomas Wood retired leaving the company in the capable hands of shop general superintendent Mark Goulding and head voicer Brandon Woods. Jason Overall was at that time appointed president of the firm, establishing a leadership team with vast experience in all phases of organ building. Now well into its second generation, Goulding & Wood continues the company’s tradition of unparalleled mechanical reliability and tonal integrity of its instruments that enrich the worship of congregations across denominational lines. We design organs specifically to meet the liturgical needs of today’s church as well as to follow historical precedents. The resulting instruments lead congregations with authority and render the rich repertoire of organ literature with conviction.