Casework & Console Apointments


Goulding & Wood organs participate actively in the liturgical and aesthetic properties of the church through their visual presence in the room. Once thought superfluous or even injurious to the sound of the instrument, cases are much more than decorative add-ons; rather, the encasing of the organ focuses the sound while the round bodies of the display pipes blend the sound of individual pipes into a unified sonorous voice. By the same token, the architecture of the room benefits from a collaboration with the organ as one of the largest elements. Design approaches can begin from a premise of the organ as a piece of furniture set in the room or a premise of the organ as a member of the architectural structure. Similarly, cases can either feature existing decorative elements, bringing the instrument into cohesion with the room, or they can tastefully stand apart from the room, enriching the stylistic range present. With either approach, our case designers pay special attention to having the organ operate in close dialogue with the room, particularly in dictating the proportions of the display.



Consoles serve both functional and decorative roles, and their design must fulfill both needs comprehensively. From a practical perspective, our consoles provide organists with complete access to the instrument’s resources in a convenient, intuitive, and ergonomic fashion. Generous registrational assists, such as piston sequencers and numerous general and divisional pistons, allow for ease in navigating the sounds of the organ, yet we are careful not to clutter the console with useless gimmicks or contrivances. A clean, elegant workspace encourages clean, elegant playing. All consoles are meticulously crafted to the standard of the American Guild of Organists to further the ease and familiarity of playing. Consoles also tend to be one of the more visually prominent pieces of furniture in the church, and we strive to make them worthy of close scrutiny. Moldings on the console case, decorative wood music desks, and interesting small details make the console a delight to the eye. Increasing the pragmatic flexibility of the console, we provide mobility wherever useful, interchangeable wooden and clear music racks and fully adjustable benches. Both consoles and cases are essential elements to the organ’s design, and they provide another avenue to support the musical and liturgical needs of the congregation the organ serves.