Trinity Episcopal Church

3243 North Meridian
Indianapolis, IN 46208-4677

Gould & Wood (Renovation 2011)
New three manual console
Schantz Organ Co. (Opus 1731,1983)
65 ranks. 5 divisions. 4 manuals. 65 stops. 48 registers.

In 2011 Goulding & Wood was pleased to build a new console for Trinity church?s Schantz organ as an initial phase in securing the organ?s renovation. The entire organ was rewired during the season of Lent, and the new console was installed for use on Palm Sunday 2011.

The hand-crafted oak cabinetry was designed and painted to match other chancel appointments. The console is moveable and low in profile. Drawknobs controlling the stops of the organ are hand-turned solid ebony with engraved inserts. The terraces holding the stop controls are of ribbon walnut, as are the keyboard cheeks and the decorative music desk. Manual keys use cow bone for the naturals and ebony for the sharps, while the pedal keys are of maple and ebony.

Within this traditional frame is a modern control system and combination action from Solid State Organ Systems, providing expanded control of the organ as well as the ability to transpose, record, and play back music. Controls are provided for future expansion and revitalization of the organ?s pipework, which will occur in the next phase of renovation.