Op. 46 additions

A crew from Goulding & Wood was pleased to get out of the snow for a few days to install some preparations at Op. 46 in Germantown, TN. The organ now has its prepared Pedal 16-8 Posaune unit, a digital Walker system to drive the 32’ extensions in the pedal, and the structure to support a pedal slider chest in a future addition.

We had a wonderful time revisiting Op. 46 and hearing the new reed blend with the existing organ, and look forward to future trips to install more of the planned instrument. If you are driving through Memphis, stop in and hear it!

Posaune unloaded
The wooden Posaune resonators waiting for installation

Moving the Subbass
Moving the Subbass over 5” to leave more room for a new walkboard

New walkboard
Installing the rack pins for the 16’ Posaune resonators

Jerin the resonator king
Jerin the resonator king

new Posaune treble
The new reed (#13-44 on on the top level)

Finished 16
Looking up from the bottom of the 16’ octave